Technology goes on

Honey, will you call Google and tell them I will be 3 microseconds late for blogging tomorrow. Apparently the quake changed the angular velocity of the Earth and they haven't adjusted UTC yet.

It is odd that people are so geocentric in a round world. On top of that they are arrogant and that is something that I avoid because it means that I am deceiving myself because it makes me feel good to think I am something special because I can recount a few more facts than another entity complex, even if it happens to be the corpse of that raccoon that got run over by a truck last night. I do speak in riddles at times because some statements of knowledge lead to physical consequence. I have been working on English language programming the last few days and like everything else it is getting thrown in the pot with FPGAs, DNA, OpenGL, WebGL, neuroanatomy, automated video captioning, AI, n-D space, physics, plasmoids and everything else I can think of.

The resultant mix is certainly a potent soup and yields some very tasty synergies. Mmmm synergy soup. I think that the use of images encoded in sound and only positionally activated is a brilliant promotional gimmick. I would play, but I have designed my own version that games in the real world and gives me value and knowledge for the effort I apply. The English language programming methods are coming along well. I am not sure that I could do this without the understanding I have gained from all the programming languages and thinking about lists, pipes, semaphores, variables, hashes, trees, objects, recursion, logic, structures, vectors and methods. It all interacts and I gain in many unexpected ways by studying such a broad category of subjects. Sometimes there are things in a living cell that have a direct application in programming or hardware. It is a lot of work to cover so many subjects and I have been studying and learning 14 hours a day , 7 days a week for 7 years now and it is getting old. SpeedCrunch says 35,672 hours of study. That is on top of years in the semiconductor business, software, chemistry, process control, and electronics. Many of the things that I started to learn are finally familiar. I remember my first HTML and how confused I was about DOM and XML and XUL and CSS. Now I understand it from both the coding side and the use and presentation side. Soon I will run out of things to catch up on and start making the future as that is more fun.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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