News from the future

And the news from the future.---- Anonymous was kicked from 4chan for failing to maintain a swear count at the minimum acceptable level. Some think they were growing up, others say they got bored with the scatology, coprophilia, and pron. In other news, Darth Vader has retired from the Death Star and will keep his seat on the board of the Evil Empire. Darth has done some comedy with Jerry Seinfeld and is planning to spend the profit from annihilating planets to help unfortunate Jedi that he has turned into living vegetables. Some say he is just keeping the remains of his enemies in jars so he can gloat over his past victories, but I think this represents that kinder and gentler Lord Vader that we knew was inside. The latest pornographic filters in Australia have been keyed to instantaneously terminate an internet connection if it detects the words "My Little Pony" and I can't describe what that means in the future, but it is really bad! The president of the world Rick Astley said that the Rick cloning fad had to end for the sake of genetic diversity. Ten thousand Ed McMahon clones laughed hysterically at the joke. Just so you understand. Some nurse at a fertility clinic thought it would be funny if somebody had a child and when they grew up it was Rick Astley. It was called Rick Cloning and it became such a common joke that his clones then became a large proportion of the population. He then elected himself ruler of the world. There are no Rick rolling videos on YouTube anymore as most people just have their Rick son or Rick husband sing it when they want to Rick roll somebody.

The image is kind of vampire, spock, alien, gollum, mutant, dawn of the dead... I was just playing and in the process realized that if you use morph software, the degree of change required to morph one concept image to another would give a person a new number that says that image A and B differ in some dimension, which I think is how much delta is applied to a common image to allow a company to say this is a copyright image. In order to express a concept, you have to use words and there are only so many combinations that make sense. If it is too different it can't be recognized and if it is too similar it is boring. It seems that if images were rated by their transform relationship that I could keep one standard face and simply apply a set of WebGL transforms on it and not have to transport "dots". That would save a lot of bandwidth and the extra bandwidth could be used to transmit unique combinations of data. Spam is redundant, spam spam spam spam.

I decided that If I put category links in my posts that it would help to make concepts more clear. I can have a bullet list of concepts which are prerequisites to understanding a certain topic and if some aspect is unclear then a reference is provided to show the concept in more detail. I suppose this is what footnotes are all about. The problem that I see with footnotes is that it seems to require the same level of understanding to grasp the reference. It would seem that any concept has to derive from information attained and a method to describe a relationship like object oriented programming. An object must exist before it is acted upon and it is either pre existing , discovered (like a plug in), or created from existing objects.

It seems that this dependent structure would be common to all concepts and knowledge. It would seem that it should resolve to a linked dependency tree that would be common across languages and culture in one aspect of its form and that would be the universal interface point which would provide the point of communication for a universal language.

Now don't get ahead of me as this news from the future. So if you think I already created a translator and I already did the spectrum analysis of universal absorption data and I am now communicating with aliens you are wrong, that is yesterday's news.

So it seems that I can do a webkit / moz / WebGL / OpenGL /blender / ImageMagic transform that defines the relationship of not only images, but biological forms and the difference between different people and also the projected difference in their HOX genes that define that transform. If I go one step forward I can define the transform of their neural net and then project what thought they would have generally.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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