WTF time is it?

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And this breaking news from Japan, it is contagious. 50 Centimeters !!! eek that is huge!, wait, that is half a meter, okay that is up to my knees, that is 1.6 motey feet, Never mind, false alarm. Hey, centi means 100th.

<rant>I was looking at news reports about tsunamis in Hawaii and Japan and other places and I got pissed off as time is one of those stupid remnants of the Holy Roman Empire that I absolutely despise. There is only one time it is !! If you want to know the relationship of what you are doing to when it will be light or dark the local time is great. The problem is that it is bull shit and meaningless. When I say it is 7 O'clock, what do I mean? AntiMeridian? DST? South Pole time? It is an incomplete context and sentence in a world. For reference UTC Now people report things in "local time" like it actually means something without translation. There is only ONE TIME THAT IS NOW!!

What time is it there? Is it yesterday? , or perhaps it is still the first century BC. I wish they would have time standard across the world and people could just set their clocks the same. It is an absurd bureaucratic imposition by political jerks that spend their entire life trying to impose themselves on others and never do a single fricking thing except take like it was their sovereign right to own and control me or anybody.A game of power that has been played since the "time" of Julius Ceasar. Their only purpose in life is to hold a sword or gun to somebody's head and see what stupid things they can make people do for their entertainment like Christians and lions or gladiator games. If you think it is anything more than that it is probably July (Julius Seizure tribute time) there or perhaps Augustus.

I think that I should have motey time and then it is 7 O'clock when I get up and Noon when I eat and a foot is the length of my foot. The tsunami will take 12 hours to cross the pacific and when it arrives it will be 10 minutes before it left. What silly crap. The Earth rotates , get used to it already. Another stupid thing that scientists do is to try and sync time with the Earth's rotation and path around the sun. Wow that is absurd and why some scientist would agree to that is beyond me except that I assume Julius Caesar would chop their head off for heresy. Leap second my ass.</rant> And as Wil Wheaton says "Don't be a dick!"


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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