Internet security

There have been reports of people fiddling with search engine optimization to place their web site as one of the first choices when people search for things of interest. Then the data from the web site executes code on a person's machine when that page code is downloaded to the browser.

It seems to me that the origin of this problem is not evil hackers or spammers. The problem arises because governments and companies want to execute things on your machine and hide that fact from the user. Instead of an English language programming system that tells you exactly what you are doing, it is java speak or asp or flash. Essentially they are saying that they wish to run code on your machine and you are not ever allowed to see what they are doing as it is to be obfuscated. As a result, a person places themselves at risk by running code that they cannot verify as being what they want. Once it has been established that companies such as Microsoft have a right to execute programs on your machine without your knowledge, then you are screwed. You have chosen to accept that you are their slave,Executing code on one machine delivered from another is called slaving. Allowing someone else to determine what you can do with your computer is literal slavery.

Once you decide to kneel whenever a boot is presented, then you will be stomped on by every passing sociopath. The problem is not that there are sociopaths, it is that the government and industry are sociopaths. Their complaint is that individual sociopaths are interfering with their manipulation of people and they need new more invasive methods to insure that their dominance of the user is not compromised.

The simple answer is to quit kneeling when threatened. Long ago there were dial up connections where people could connect at random to anybody who had a modem. I pay to connect to a vast array of switches to allow me to connect to anybody in the world. If they decide that they will select what switch I select then they are useless and I will stop paying and start using a new method to communicate where I control who I can speak to, when and decide for myself what programs are useful and safe.

It is a fools game for the governments and companies, but they are desperate and desperate people do horrid and stupid things. It would be very difficult for me to relate what I see of the world and the many mechanisms that act, simply because it is so complex. An analogy would be a pack of wolves that are trying to eat themselves because the rabbits and parasites are hiding in their fur. It is a horrible thing and the wolves will thrash about killing many rabbits, parasites and eventually killing themselves, but very little will be left except a few rabbits and/or parasites. Such is the way of nature. Its rarely pretty, but it certainly is entertaining. And then the parasites will begin their inevitable evolution to wolves again until the cycle repeats.

It is bizarre that people seem to love kings and especially those that clothe themselves in gold. It was revealed that King Tut was a malformed, inbred, corrupted, sick, diseased and perverse Deliverance freak and yet this is the thing that people adore in kings. This is where all governments lead and it cycles about over 100 200 or even thousands of years, but eventually the putrefying living corpse of the God king consumes itself and another is born.

On a side note: I have been using the image analysis program to dissolve the properties of images mostly and other things also. The mind is not a perfect thing and it misses a lot. In an image with 2^millionth power possible forms there can be a vast array of patterns in the structure. I was analyzing some images that come from life and nature photographs and it was very odd that these images have "under" patterns that are disturbing. Trick photography allows the production of somewhat obvious visual illusions , but what I am talking about is things that come from nature and are not cast by intelligent action to be generated with patterns that are hidden. The landscape of infinite forms leads to some things that exist under the radar of human comprehension. They will never be seen without a logical microscope or tools and are a new perspective on the universe. We see patterns, but how many of the patterns escape our understanding? Many I think.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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