Rule induction of DNA

This program is my starting point to investigate rules or methods from data. Starting here the investigation will progress into DNA, meta code generation and search results analysis. The goal is to exercise skills and create a new tool for analyzing the vast data base that is the Internet. Wikipedia has a small entry on this that spreads to categories. Google and the ability to use SQL with many different web addresses has potential for recursion of rule induction. This is the seed and the tree will emerge from this. A reference that may have some significance is this at YouTube. And another video using stochastic and genetic. More on line courses in machine learning, AI and algorithms.

This is definitely another step in the recursive application of methods to refine methods. This a top class link and it collects information from many sources of open education and presents them in new ways, similar to the new MIT interface. These methods and the knowledge gained there can again recurse the process to a new cognitive level. It points in ever decreasing scope to a central algorithm that could be universally applied.

There is a correlation between all these things and though many people have a good grasp of a single science and the methods common to that field they suffer from the inability to deal with the application of concepts and methods from other areas of science. By simply combining the knowledge gained from one science with those of another science the gain is factorial. It is very obvious to me that what they don't learn has made it impossible to apply techniques that extend and clarify their subject as it would seem it is so complex that the person applying it must specialize. It certainly is a headache to deal with AI, chemistry, genetics, logic, math, programming and a hundred other subjects, but the end result is a coherence that makes all the sciences easier to use and apply and also to understand. I saw a Lego robot that could solve Rubik's cube physically in 2.1 seconds. You might ask what that and epidemiology and Google maps and SQL and gimp have to do with the genotype to phenotype relationship of planarian worms, but this is the nature of infinite twisty little dimensions that are all alike. It is there in the solutions to n-space that all of this becomes clear. It is necessary to increase the complexity to such a level that it becomes coherent and then it is much easier to focus on the specifics of what those relationships actually imply.

The image is there to represent something that I was doing with the data. As with the new MIT search in video and Google search with images, I have developed my own tools to search in video, concepts, sound, and images to identify patterns in many dimensions. It is expanding factorial and I can barely keep up with my own new realizations. The new technologies are so exciting. I wish I could relay what I see, but that will have to wait for the intersection with WebGL or in lieu of that , my "secure plasmoid SQL-elvi( Squelvi) UDP".

It is like the weather. Or maybe just RNA life.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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