Forced implosion of intellect

I am not sorry, if you are viewing this from Australia, Luxembourg, England, United States, China, Russia, France, Germany or actually any area which has gravity, the content is subject to Gravity Guild restriction. Content Warning! concealment of information leads to isolation and ultimately complete stupidity. Stupid life forms are likely to suffer negative selection pressure in the physical universe. If you don't understand what that implies, then you have already suffered the side effects and there is no cure. In that case, simply do what you are told and don't talk, follow the marks on the floor, be considerate of others and don't scream when being pushed in the disposal chute.

I wonder what thought or image could be so dangerous or unique that it must be protected. When governments and companies plant fruitless crops, the product is

ADDED AFTER COMMENTS: perhaps this explains that ^^^ to some extent?


Aaron said...

You've lost your mind.

Paul Mohr said...

I had no idea that anybody ever read this blog. I looked at your blog and it is interesting. As far as my mind, if you know where I lost it, please post the GPS coordinates so I can retrieve it.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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