End of the dying kind

In this particular image it is obvious that there has been addition to the painting and this is not a forgery, it is just an example of how easy it is to identify characteristics when the information is presented in various dimensions. This is a Mona Lisa markup for somebody who was scamming a type of hidden simulacra or pareidolia or some such phony acheiropoieta.

It is always interesting to wander about the dimensions of information space and sometimes I glimpse a pattern in the information. I finally think that I get what open source is all about and why it is perceived as such a threat. The first complex life was said to be sponges. There wasn't much to them and they were and are not that interesting in what they do. If you examine life and the ability of the body to be an organism you will see that it is a conglomeration of cells that exist to cooperate and as a result being emerges. Other forms of lower life seek to preserve themselves by destroying that structure. Inherent in being is a cooperation of the cells of the body for a common purpose and the action of a cell to prolong its own existence outside the coherence is disease.

The concept of individual existential form is sketchy at best. For one thing the particles of the system extend to infinity in their interaction with the universe and their true form. Thus a form cannot be made of infinites which is not part of the universe as a whole. There is no singular isolation in any form which emerges, even though it may be visualized as separate and individual, that is a figment of the mind.

What I see is the explosion of the multi-celled being that emerges from open source. That may sound far fetched, but all the attractors are there and it follows from the pattern of the universe. It is not a body governed by a single cell. If I were to make an analogy, the parts of a system of cooperation would become immortal in their own structure in the same way that a body recurses itself in life. By acting in concert the product reaches a break over point and something emerges and it looks like a sponge, but it is the origin of the immortal something and it seems to me that the cell has no clue what is up or down with the body, and yet it is quite happy to be safe in the coherence and as time passes, new things emerge. The structure of the elements never change and it could be said that DNA is "more" immortal than a cell and that the electron and proton are even more immortal and pervasive than that. They have very little personality and DNA is much more interesting than atoms and human life is vastly more interesting. What then of the immortal forms that extend across the stars? Is the cell aware of the body? In this case it could be possible. Cells themselves have memory as does the immune system. The relative consciousness of different forms of systems could be debated forever I suppose. I would guess that all things know pain in some form.

This is why I think that many individuals or actually people who have deluded themselves to act as a individuals, see open source or more generally the organization of individuals in many forms as a serious threat to the survival of their existence. It is not an idle concern. The transform of life from a virus to a being is certainly incomprehensible, and the virus does not want this as a multi-cellular organism can resist a virus. So a multi-celled culture excludes the virus and it becomes nothingness and that is how it will progress, whether it is wanted, needed or even right in some sense or other. Nature is a complete sociopath and a Gamma Ray Burst kills and corrupts without even an inkling of pre-thought.

To me it seems as the viral kings of the Holy Roman Empire are still with us and until the sponge forms complete and is dominant, it will continue to erode and decompose the newest and most interesting vector of life itself.

The useful and optimum cell type in an organism is immortal in its way, preserved forever as the foundation of life. A cell of the bones is common to all vertebrate life and is certainly immortal in that aspect as it is inherent to the being that it creates. It is correct, IMHO . I think there are some very interesting things to come and what would be the nature of it? It seems I have caught a glimpse.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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