The twisted link is slower

W3C provides a link check at the moment, and I was just wondering why Wikipedia doesn't clean out some of its dead links. I have fixed some on pages that I am responsible for at Wikipedia and I know they existed for several years before I got there to help out. It would at least be reasonable to make a list of things that need to be updated and it would be good starting work for somebody who wanted to help. As a side trip I decided to look at my pages and this is interesting as I was not aware sourceforge had changed their methods since I added the link. I fixed that but I have done some bad things for the sake of expediency and I was not surprised when I saw a link address of "NULL" was 404.

warning Line: 682 redirected to Status: 301 -> 200 OK This is a permanent redirect. The link should be updated.

I suppose some day the software will communicate better and when a link is weak or broken it can be pushed some where to be repaired and not repaired by a responsible party, then perhaps there is need for some deeper examination of the issue. The internet flails about like a half dead fish and I suppose it is not possible to clean links really as they get tangled again by the next day. I think I just got a 404 on a solution so I will drop the idea.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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