Java opengl automatic jogl meta scape

I am creating the shell script and `grep` `sed` framework to have a coherent framework which allows the forward and backward transport of an application in javascript, local GL java, web java GL, WebGL, C, and Python by converting the code and mixing it with a standard template for each language. I have done this by hand and I hope to have a coherent framework which can do NeHe tutorials and RedBook as automatic exports to any and all of these languages by a single script command that detects the format desired and constructs the output code which is either compiled or interpreted.

Along with ImageMagick and some other utilities, I should be able to have a pipe that can "emulate" and code that it sees ( wgets) on the web.

I started jogl yesterday and was not able to complete that as the weather has made it necessary to remove vast amounts of crystallized Hydrogen Hydroxide from the local environment in order to move about. I appreciate Firefox, I was having trouble spelling crystallized and just highlighted it and hit right mouse button over it and there was the choices. Nice!

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre sun-java6-jdk

/* `javac` `java MoteyDemo` */ class MoteyCycle { int languageType = 0; int codeQuality = 0; void changeLanguage(int newValue) { languageType = newValue; } void changeQuality(int newValue) { codeQuality = newValue; } void printStatus() { System.out.println("Language:"+languageType+" Quality:"+codeQuality); } } class MoteyDemo { public static void main(String[] args) { MoteyCycle motey1 = new MoteyCycle(); MoteyCycle motey2 = new MoteyCycle(); motey1.changeLanguage(3); motey2.changeLanguage(2); motey2.changeQuality(1); motey1.printStatus(); motey2.printStatus(); } }
/* `javac` `java Motey` */ enum Think { Infinite, StateWise, Analog, Symbolic } enum Effectiveness { Infinite, StepLike, Variable, Static } class InfiniteLogic { Think languageClass = Think.Infinite; Effectiveness codeQuality = Effectiveness.Infinite; String LangName; String InfLangDesc="Infinity is way more than 64 bits."; void changeLanguageName(String newValue) { LangName = newValue; } void changeLanguage(Think newValue) { languageClass = newValue; } void changeQuality(Effectiveness newValue) { codeQuality = newValue; } void printStatus() { System.out.println("Language: "+LangName+" "+languageClass+" Quality: "+codeQuality); } } class MoteyLogic extends InfiniteLogic { int RemainsInfinite; void printMlStatus() { System.out.println("Language: "+LangName+" "+languageClass+" Quality: "+codeQuality+" "+InfLangDesc); } } class DigitalLogic extends InfiniteLogic { Effectiveness codeQuality=Effectiveness.StepLike ; } class Motey { public static void main(String[] args) { MoteyLogic motey1 = new MoteyLogic(); DigitalLogic motey2 = new DigitalLogic(); String Str= new String("Mote"); motey1.changeLanguage(Think.Infinite); motey1.changeLanguageName(Str); motey2.changeLanguage(Think.StateWise); motey2.changeQuality(Effectiveness.StepLike); motey1.printMlStatus(); motey2.printStatus(); } }


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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