Tree of living logic

I will make a bad pun and then explain. I think they are barking up the wrong tree. I know that the foundations of logic extends back to the Greeks and beyond that, but I wonder if they have not established a root method which can be extended to come close to the answer but never achieve the desired result as they have chosen a method which excludes an alternate concept. I cannot say that for certain at the moment and it is just a holistic sense of the issue. It is similar to attempting to mathematically characterize things which are infinite in scope. The methods must be different because the universe is inherently infinity upon infinity and no matter how long you add counting numbers you will never reach even the first infinity.

This is the problem with Physics, they determined there were two roads to take and by exclusion of the first it was obvious logic that the second is correct, the problem arises when they are well down the road and it seems very strange and it is going nowhere fast. The answer is that there must be a third or even fourth alternative that was overlooked when the decision was made and now that they are well into the wilderness, few wish to stand up and say, "I think we really f4d up.", instead they add complexity upon complexity and wander about until they happen on the main road. Just my opinion. Things can be confusing and I am not always right either. There are no absolute answers when you deal with chaos and that is what I have resigned myself to. There are some really good answers and some very useful ones, but complete certainty is just right out of the picture altogether.

I have been down this garden path many times and I always have a bad feeling about it. Some of this stuff is specious in its application and it seems a person can easily be lost in the twisty little air ducts "that all look alike" at the Hilbert Hotel. There are many people who want to be a perfect authority and that is human nature. I would certainly like to be perfect, but I have only seven toes on each foot and most people have 8 , don't they?

I am going to write a C, java and javascript implementation of this and see what I can make of the results.

I am going through this AI course at MIT [ And this one ] [ and this one ] [ and the tree around Wikipedia here ] [ and this web page ] [ and this at decision Trees .net ] [ and now I have an entire section of my local Wiki dedicated to the information and expect to export it to one of the AIs ] today and I hope to complete them before the end of the day. The goals are the same as always, to identify methods that can be contained in a chemical computing system.

Of course I have to have things ordered consistently in the directory and after scan and collect I would do this.

ls | grep "ch[0-9]_" | rename 's/ch/ch0/ '

I did discover an interesting quirk of the relationship of matter and logic which I hope will become obvious in the application of it.

It is so wonderful when all the study begins to be usable and less frustrating. I have been studying so many different things that each day seems to be filled with frustration and confusion. I decided to make a tree with `inkscape` and though this not art, it is not frustrating to work with. The familiarity with the interface and how to manage objects makes it possible to think of something and then make it real without the usual side trips into trying to figure out which thing to apply. I picked the framework of a tree at random from openclipart in perhaps the same way I might initialize a random number generator with time perhaps. So this is Image *image+=thought[i] * rand()%(treelike).


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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