New improved crunchy math with SpeedCrunch

I happened on a question about logs in different bases and in my wandering I see there is a new version of speed crunch that may have a math book popup which I wanted to try.. So I downloaded it unpacked it, switched to the directory,

`vim README` `cmake src` `make` `./speedcrunch`

And it has a neat shell script for cmake with c o l o r s. And the program has a lot of neat new features. Sweet! So why is log(x)/log(2) = log2(x)? Is it because 10(log10(2))=2? That is a rhetorical question.

You can get an early look at this from HERE at Google code before it comes down the chain of command from debian to Ubuntu, (If that is your distribution). Thank you Google, you seem to keep your promise of doing no evil, by doing a lot of good instead. It is in translated into 21 languages too.

The source package contains a lot of documentation on the new engine and a manual in open document format which is current. Great work, I love that program and now there is more to love. It has SVG support also and they really did some art with this. (Avagadro's Number)6.0221415e23 AND 927.400949e-26 The Bohr-Procopiu magneton, ooh donuts!

You can learn so many things every day, by accident I right clicked after selecting that and Google has an extra option, or is it Firefox? Oh my, it is Firefox and a word that I think should be in dictionary can be added! That answers my question about Wikipedia , so I will try it. Holy s2t, it is Firefox that wonders about Wikipedia and now it knows, what a lark. I think I will add moteyalpha :) These people deserve a lot of praise and support as they really hit the mark on new features and these gains can be enjoyed by everybody. It is a shame that 95% of the world will never know what they are missing by not using Linux. At least a lot of people have Firefox and that is a good thing. I misspoke about this as there is a Windows and Mac version of SpeedCrunch, so everybody can use it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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