Then put it in the blender

The process is `elvi` to image to `gimp` to model to `blender`. In this example I just open a text editing window load a .py or type in new and run with Alt+P. The example is "meatballs" and I modified it to use cone instead of 'Suzanne the monkey' as a test of whether I understood the script.

I also have my own complete OpenGL program that imports and generates models and does all of the image processing in C. It provides the glue and fakes keys and input to the different processes to make the entire ensemble total automatic.

There is a scheme script to fill holes and with many things like libraries, CPAN, Python scripts, Haskell modules, and most everything it becomes an issue of getting the right tool to apply to a specific task and so that is something that I will consider today. Where is it, what does it do and is it relevant?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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