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I was looking for a way to do some more with labels and I like the way I can find something with the cloud and perhaps it helps a visitor to know that most of what I post is simply about programming in one form or another. I pasted this in the URL of my Firefox browser and it worked to find that label. or

Now I need a way to search several as logical sets and I don't think I can unless I use google direct or with an interface so I will analyze that . Strange that I can just paste that as a url and get a set limit of posts. I am sure the API will let me find what I want. I will post the results when I solve the process.

When I have my own server running I will fix all this and use a server side script to make an N-dimensional relationship of the data. Yes, trees, matrix, hash and linked lists. I found a way to do the logic myself when I type, but that is too time intensive, I need a program to do the work for me and I don't have the patience to do it by hand through Google, so I will start fresh with my own domain.

I see that every post I ever made on any blog, XKCD , PodBlack, or Slashdot is indexed on the web. Well my silliness will live on as long as they backup the Internet. I think I will download the Internet and save it on my USB drive, just in case. It is bizarre when they start indexing the list of indexes. It seems that somebody should be careful about recursing the Internet, it could happen and then everybody would say, "Hey I was using that!" That isn't a joke. I understand the process and it is possible to find oneself in a big pickle fairly easy by just typing the wrong reference into some code. I don't want to think about it, it is too complex and it will give me a headache if I try to solve whether it is possible to make a piece of code that causes all the nets to recurse. I will not think about it. End of topic, no more analysis of multiple [or-and] search in search. "Please don't forsake me oh my darling", "High Noon", "Please don't recurse me oh my Internet", from "The Internet".

Now that I started thinking about it I can't stop, because it seems that I remember somebody who looked at email and said, "Hey this will send one email and then that will send 2 or maybe 7" and it was the first "worm". It is a thing that never existed before, 'The Intertubes' and there is no basis to define how it will act under an intentional mis-direction. I won't be as silly as the person who did that. I would never try such a thing. Looking at the "Morris Worm" partial quote from Wikipedia at the link.

The U.S. GAO put the cost of the damage at $10M–100M. The Morris worm prompted DARPA to fund the establishment of the CERT Robert Morris was tried and convicted.

It is giving me a headache already as it branches to infinity so quickly. ((109)!) * (3*108 meters per second) , ten to the ninth factorial times the speed of light, definitely a spooky number! Let's hope it doesn't follow Murphy's law.

ADDED: So I thought, "How does this work?" I can guess that if you want to show something the default is 'index.html' and I figured it couldn't be that easy. If it were that easy, I could use some command to get it and then get another one and make a two dictionaries in python ( post titles), check where list A intersected with list B [ I posted code for this in Python as factorial search of combined letters in words for scrabble in a dictionary ].


So I tried it. And to my surprise it gave me all the items in that category as "index.html". Thus the factorial recombination and analysis to allow me to and-or group and define a complex search space is simple from there. Now where does this apply also? I remember a talk on "Data Typing" or some such thing at Google Talks and this is what they mean, a general algorithm that is applicable to many data sets. Data mining. I see many things when I encounter something and it is a storm and there in the distant clouds of complexity is the corner case of darkness. The swan appears quite dark from here.

I have done this several times as I wished to automate the process of data analysis for several purposes including the care and feeding of my hungry young AIs. [class='timestamp-link' href=] is the key and after that is the data, it is as simple as FILE file;file=fopen("index.html","rb");, and scan to the key and then take to the end, which is then stripped like a method similar to `basename` in shell. Simple stuff actually.

It is too simple, actually. The convenience has made everything a limited guessable set. It is so predictable, I can almost hear the electrons sloshing around in the intertubes. It is the heavy electrons that make the most noise. And at least technically that is true. m0@0v  not =  m@v etc.

The oddest thing I saw was that Googly the server-cat was doubling up stuff and it doesn't show up in my template. It is overlaying several identical images and you would never know that because it disappears before Firefox-Firebug can get to it. I would never have guessed that. The Inter-tubes are awfully squeaky and sometimes makes scary noises.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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