Krita and Gimp comparison

You may assume the swan is white, but you would be wrong. Okay gimp wins easily, but I thought of something, I can make a C program that uses dot, convert, dvipng and other utilities to generate images that get loaded as a UI using openGL to write a program that is a UI to write itself that generates its UI by using convert, etc ... Complete loop recursion.

BTW, krita-KDE4 was a bit crashy for me and so it must be a WIP and I wonder if they are going to abandon and apply effort to gimp as it really has little difference ( except fewer features ), is that itself a feature?

I think I hit on something with recursion that solves a lot of paradoxes while I was listening to the programming courses at UNSW Sydney. Richard Buckland is very funny and could easily do some Monty Python.

ADDED: Krita isn't going to be abandoned and here is a link to if you want to help.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Krita-kde4 is a work in progress :-). If you want to follow the progress, take a look at We are certainly not intending to abandon it and start working on Gimp!

Boudewijn Rempt, Krita maintainer

Paul Mohr said...

Thank you for letting me know. I was looking at Xara too and it has some neat ideas that might be considered as I think Xara really is a dead project because it isn't even completely open source.
I will watch Krita and perhaps I will look at the source to see how it works. That sounds like fun.
I appreciate what you do for everyone, noble work.

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