The case against education

Education may not be for everybody. In my case it was my goal to know how the universe worked and since no one knew that, it was TBD and how could somebody teach me if it is unknown? There is something lost when you accept the path most traveled and I know for a fact that some self trained hackers are better because they were forced to create their own solutions and if you just take a can of "Code Whip"© and spray it as a solution to a tree log2(problem), you never build the mechanism to say: "How do I make an algorithm?".

So, it isn't always the right answer and it isn't any more guaranteed than the path well traveled and I like the fact that I can have what I created for myself and now that I am skilled, fill in blanks and extend other's methods quickly, because I first learned to take what is and find what comes next.

BTW the new SpeedCrunch with extra crunch is standard with Ubuntu 9.10


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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