Zippy the Chimp and leaky hidden logic

I know I am not a shell script guru and this could be done a better way, but I just like to automate stuff so I don't have to spend a lot of time typing. What I discovered is that I thought I had set "alias ll="ls -la"" in my ".bashrc" and so I have merrily gone about thinking I am seeing my hidden files and directories and then I did "ls -la" while playing with this and crap! there are .~ files from my kate that I forgot I decided to do it that way. I suppose I zipped my tilda files with a zip.distro, I will check. It just goes to show that it is so easy to leak information when systems are as complex as they exist now. There is no harm, but it is just sloppy of me. You don't need my saved games, object files for 64 bit or any other random stuff. I really should use tar.gz too, but I am lazy and will get to that soon enough. I was pleasantly surprised that SDL played .ogg right out of the box. Scripting can be scary, especially when you see "rm -rf". It is a very scary command and I wouldn't script it in a commercial setting, but this is my computer and if I want to do something bad, I will. It puts an edge on the day when you live a little dangerously.

cd ..
if [ -e "temp" ]
echo "already done"
mkdir temp
cd temp
mkdir sechs-stein
cd ..
echo "made dirs"
cp -r gamedist/* temp/sechs-stein/
cd temp
cd sechs-stein
rm *.o
rm *.save
rm .*~
cd ..
zip -r sechs-stein/
cp ../
rm -rf sechs-stein/*
rmdir sechs-stein
rm *.zip
cd ..
rmdir temp/
ls -la


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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