Valgrind, Kdevelop, ISO C90, and Doxygen

This is bit of false déjà vu as I remember having these problems before when I get code from the web. In particular I am clearing bugs exposed by following C rules and looking for all warnings. This link about the gettimeofday explains something I hope I am fixing once and for all, as it relates to (struct timezone). Use of tz is obsolete due to complexities in Linux that make it imossible to effectively determine due to political boundary issues AFAIK. I will continue to research that until I can make gospel code that is safe to use.

Here is a link in Google groups about opengl and valgrind that I found discussing this topic and perhaps it will be of some enlightenment.

So I imported the project in Kdevelop so I could play with that again and it does all the cute things to make a real distribution and is another step above automake. It also has debug so I am playing with that in the Kdevelop context. What I am wondering about at the moment is this report from Valgrind that seems to imply some evil deep down in SDL. I can't say that is true, but I am going to find out. It could be evil that I created, but I used the code as it was represented.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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