Spooky Puzzler Matrix

As can be seen the matrix relationships are shown behind the portrayal of the associative dimension that uses position ( the puzzle squares in order ). It was easy to write this as I have done enough GL so that it just flows. It is a bit spooky as this describes a matrix relationship that I do not completely understand, and yet I can make it, operate it and use it. It is odd in practice to establish the hints as methods upon matrix elements that act in parallel, rather than as separate methods which are applied in sequence. The matrix comprises a dynamic form which changes with each piece of information and mutates continuously. I am now thinking about a third matrix which is the matrix of methods interaction which is a factorial array. That is going to be even more spooky.

I have spent a lot of time with this game concept , but it has been a valuable learning experience. I have learned some very interesting things about logic itself, in the process. I have a feeling that as a result of this I will have a new mathematical tool that I can use for many different purposes. I intend to implement probability associations and formula relationships within the matrix and this game is a simple sub set of those concepts. In the game probability is 1 and there are only unary mathematical relationships.

elementZ=Zbase+Zspacing*(float)i; elementX=XYbase*sin( 2.0 * M_PI * ( (float)j / (float)PUZZLE_SIZE ) ); elementY=XYbase*cos( 2.0 * M_PI * ( (float)j / (float)PUZZLE_SIZE ) );

The elements are applied to positions about a cylinder which extends in length as the rows and the steps about the circumference are the columns. The net result is 6^4 connections.

I added a kind of openGL LaTex in my code and that is interesting and even mildly amusing that I can have formulas and symbols generated in the flow of events. Many of the enhancements and fixes are incorporated and I plan to tar.gz it and put a new cleaner version up at the Google code site.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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