Povray and Infinite Perspective

I am testing `povray` outside blender and wish to see what automated options can be useful to either represent internal state or be used internally by my autocode generator. This will fill up with images and scripts as I learn the techniques to generate and the application within the autocoder. I have realized by extension of a technique which views molecules in action, that there are certainly an infinite-product number of perspectives that can be had on anything. Each view is unique and unique in its combinations of dimensions. A molecule can be viewed in 3D with its electrostatic field map, its bonding points, mass density, probability of locality center, magnetic state, temporal state, linear motion, angular motion and many other ways. It is not possible for a person to relate so many infinite dimensions and there is no effective way for me to interface to the program as it considers these higher dimensional attributes. I can shade an image in red for positive and green negative and I can consider the relationships there, but I cannot apply more dimensions than this in a single concept. I need to have a communication set which indicates relationships and their application or consequence.

All of these things interact simultaneously and thus are coherent in the result. It is obvious that in addition to NMR, UV, infra-red, polarized light, x-ray, visible emission, ... there are in fact an infinite*number! of methods which can be applied to extrapolate information of state. It resolves to a selection of infinities and this is what we must do in life. Everything is infinite and we only chose that which is best in the time frame of our perception. If I can quantify that perception to a higher degree in the time frame, I will have an advantage on the management of chaos. I assume there are methods where I can operate on new infinities in such a way that they will lock and manipulate in the same way I lock and arbitrate the recognition of visual elements in 3 space.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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