Clarifying nD logic




Using the `einstein` game with a puzzle size of 2x2 as an example, in this partially solved case, "A" is determined to be associated with "2" in the second set and "B" is determined to be associated with "1" in the second set and yet the visualization of the outcome has no information as to the potential solution or restriction of possibilities, and a obvious possibility of what would resolve the puzzle. In the top image it is shown in the associative dimension and bottom is the normal way to represent position within the 2D puzzle space.

Thus I could look at a problem in a different dimension and represent the relationships in space as being associations, thus making it quite obvious what the choices to solution entail. In the top view, it is shown that the puzzle is "solved in a particular dimension".

In a way, or perhaps a dimension, this has something to do with


As an extension of matrix math I am generating and solving matrices which expand into nD spaces and use an additional operator to extend its nature as a type of "universal mathematical constructor".

BTW: In passing or possibly, En passant, I have noticed that the patent trolls are very busy in the area of delivering content and attempting to patent the concept of delivering structured content. I am sure they will make everybody unhappy and reduce everybody's productivity and possibly profit a few Shillings while destroying millions of man hours of honest effort. IDK. It is what trolls do.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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