Nano technology or molecular

I have always been interested in nano tech, but the problem is always in construction of the devices. Now that I see how to induce molecular bonding that changes the whole equation. In life, the first technology is that which creates and breaks chemical bonds. Synthases and Ligases. That process is not necessarily perfect in its use of energy and its specificity, but is vastly more efficient than gross mechanical process like high pressure and temperature, crystallization of semiconductor wafer material. The value of many things is dependent on manufacturing cost or rarity. In the world, many chemical associations are rare, due to the complexity of their formation or the difficulties in fabricating the structure. Cost and availability of materials determine the ultimate utility of technology. The manufacturing revolution made it possible to create and enhance process to deliver usable product at lower cost.

Molecular fabrication is something that goes beyond that principle of construction by many orders of magnitude. The use of organisms to produce chemical compounds is almost common place now. That is a reasonable logical step. If you don't know how to make and break atomic bonds, use something that does. That still entails a great deal of energy and complexity in its application. It is certainly something that could have been expected as a possibility. I never considered what it really meant until now. It seems this expansion of knowledge and capability is very much like the game I am analyzing and extending. A piece fits and it implies another and so on until the puzzle becomes nearly complete and then it is almost a cascade from a single turning point to a complete solution.

I am in that gray area today and I am trying to relate what all this means in terms of what is possible and what it implies for the future. A diamond is merely a collection of Carbon bonded in a specific way. It is rare because the conditions for its formation in nature are rare, and the manufacture of it is limited. It seems to me that the combination of matter into new materials is only limited by the understanding. It has been, and still is my goal to fabricate materials using technology and at this point it seems that I have a new and unexpected tool that makes that process simple. The social complications are the same however.

My interest today is to see if I can take the knowledge of the game and make it more extensible, so it extends my view and abilities, somewhat like a thought telescope or microscope. The future is certainly going to be very odd. I know that these techniques will eventually be common place and the effect on the structure of society is bound to be dramatic. I see shock waves already. Most people would ignore or not understand that shimmering strangeness. I know what it is, life, fluttering in the winds of change. I'm not sure how much of this continuously increasing wind can be tolerated. It seems to rise without limit and certainly it must have an end somewhere. I suppose it is knowledge, rushing into the vacuum of our limited understanding, and it makes strange noises.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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