Getting it off my mind

I feel obligated to get this topic off my mind for once and all. If it is possible, and it most certainly is, the personal manufacture of objects, chemicals and structure, with a simple molecular synthesizer, leads to a society where the control of resources to maintain a government is counterintuitive. The ultimate value is the knowledge of what structures are most effective and useful. I am certain that I could manufacture my own computer now, but it isn't the most sensible thing to make it of silicon. Even the knowledge becomes less important in time as each of these things cascade upon one another. If the device can create itself and extend itself, the need for interaction becomes more for the purpose of extending the structure itself and though the motive cannot be excluded, the method is not a consideration.

I sense an almost incomprehensible wave of change that is inevitable and far beyond my ability to speculate on its ultimate outcome. It is the dawn, and the daylight will expose the future. I will no longer wonder what the day brings, but catch the winds, and take a voyage to new worlds. The puzzle is completing itself now.

On a more mundane note, I am cleaning up the source and making another pass at finishing the puzzle game so it can be played and tested by others. I am going back to change puzzle size to be a variable and so I need to reconstruct all the functions to deal with a dynamic size as opposed to one which is interpreted by the compiler. It should be a real mess and I am bound to get some SIGSEGVs from the process to use my fault handler and gdb skills. I almost have a handle on autoconfig and that is something that I will investigate as it all starts to coalesce. So I will do what I can, connect the dots and not worry what the final picture will look like, as it is beyond the limits of my imagination.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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