Experience builds skill

I was using InkScape again and it is funny, but I learn a couple new things each time I use anything. It becomes more pleasant and familiar as time goes by. It is not pleasant to be frustrated in trying to achieve a result. It isn't possible to fully grasp and apply a method the first time it is used. I am comfortable with InkScape, know what the icons imply, and what to expect as a result and what things to avoid. I learned that I can export in ".png" directly from the editor. I was not aware that I could do that, and I had been saving and opening the ".svg" in Gimp and then save it as ".png". This saves about 30 seconds and a dozen keystrokes and clicks for every design I make. I was able to think of the image and create it in InkScape in about 2 minutes, with very little frustration or mistake.

The image is my thinking framework for the self replicating, random expansion, AI solver. The concept of space, position, sets, orientation, selection, possibilities, handedness, size, completion, time, quality, and more. It could be days before I can make this coherent. It looks like a headache brewing and the attic cats are going to have a really heavy game of cat and mouse here. My werecats of high space will be howling too.

I have to rewrite the puzzler so it can shift the framework and complexity based on a set of complexities to match its student. I need to have puzzles of 1, 2 across in a single row, 3 across in a single row with a single solution set, and combinations that are not square or perhaps even solid geometry, or possibly in several dimensions, if my student programs get that smart.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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