Chrome plated 7

I have seen that Windows its making its program boot faster and operate easier. That can be done a couple ways and I guess they have chosen to reduce functionality, security, and complexity of action. I am sure that most people could give a rat about my opinion of W7, but I wonder, if I just make a machine that supports Google Chrome and no other program, wouldn't that be an easy stitch to make? It would certainly boot fast, probably a few microseconds, if I designed it. Then it would simply be an issue of showing what came across the internet. 99% of all people wouldn't even know it wasn't Windows, now that Ms has dirtied the waters with stupid forward and back design changes. Most people think I run Windows, because it has a monitor that shows dots. Most people don't care or know what they are looking at. I certainly wouldn't ask them to sort the good bits from bad on my computer, because that is my job.

IDK, what does a stand alone OS gain anybody, other than code design people, seriously? I couldn't do without Linux or debian, but most people could just as well use Google Chrome if they wanted something that did what they needed, and left the rest to those who want to deal with the complexity of technology. You could hardly lose any security changing away from W7. :)

The real reason that people accept Windows is just the advertising. If Google put a couple Billion in ads to promote a stand alone Chrome box, Microsoft would drop like a stone, or spend every last penny they had in a desperate effort to reverse the process. It probably would be a gamble for Google as Ms would literally spend every last penny they had and borrow another trillion dollars, because they know as well as I that the only reason W is accepted is because people are easily influenced. It is just the way it is. Not all people care about the technology or its use, they just want to be liked and do what others do, so they are accepted and feel loved. It just isn't what I care about. I don't base my self worth on what others think of me. It is based solely on how many HoHos I can eat at once, while drinking a Mountain Dew.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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