ZIL can be a killer

I just spent 30 minutes trying to solve a problem that should have never happened. I was using an array with multiple indexes of the form [6][6][6][2] to record and manage game information for the version of the einstein puzzle that I have created. I thought I was using an element that would not have been modified by another part of the program and it kept getting over written. Zero inclusive logic (ZIL) can be a bear, though the array is [6], it can only have values from 0 to 5. That really ticks me off as I should have never made the mistake in the first place.

The image is a snapshot of my game running in auto, with the little elements being the indicator of what the computer has decided is the element at that position, based on the rules set. I have made extensive mods to the game and I am incorporating a measure of how difficult the puzzle is, based on how long it takes the computer to solve it. I use that to interpret the time it takes to solve the puzzle and normalize the values to a complexity standard. Not all sets of puzzles and hints are created equal. Some can be very difficult and time consuming. This way I can display a value that indicates what the difficulty level of the selected puzzle, or allow a difficulty level selection.

This is version using a different blend factor for the overlay of information. I have completed the key elements of the game in C using OpenGL and X system keys and mouse. All I need to do is do the dressing up for a distribution. I wanted to learn something about logic and this has taught me a few things. I have an opinion that the Rubik's cube game has an inherent chirality that cannot be changed and that it is a bit simpler than one might think, once it is well understood and considered as a set of related functions in a matrix.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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