Einstein Intersection,Gravistor

I have been reprogramming the einstein game for some time now and wandering off into logic. It seems that I could make a rule set that could only be solved by an idiot savant and that made me think of the movie "Mercury Rising", I think it is. I have managed to implement the solutions in a way that it determines a complexity factor for the puzzle and hint list. The solution methods for the puzzle are the most complex element of the puzzle game. It has to be able to solve the puzzle with valid rules, or a person could be supplied with an impossible rule set and that would really p2s me off if somebody gave me a game that I couldn't win.

I was also thinking about Einstein the man and his theories and the conjectures of others like Archimedes, Newton, Maxwell, Galileo .... I certainly have a high regard for their achievements as their theoretical and experimental work are the foundation for the understanding of the universe that I have developed. It is however necessary to have the left of the right when solving and now they are left of my right, as I see where this all leads. The solution to the equations that control the universe are in my hands now.

I can predict, which is the advantage of having a clear understanding of the foundation of the universe. I can say that within a reasonably short period of time I will know how much life exists in this universe within the speed of light certainty. I can also determine what level of function that they have achieved and begin to communicate. It is clear what is going on and what needs to be done. Once the set of possible solutions is established it is only necessary to fill in the blanks. It is like seeing a picture of some small thing associated with a large thing and connected to a set of 8 small about a large set of 8+8 with two small sets of 1:1 associated. It is very likely that it is about H2O.

One of the reasons I am spending so much time with this game is to clarify my own logic about set exclusion, inclusion, certainty, association, solutions, and consequence. I do know that the world is changed, but I am perhaps the only one who realizes how much it is changed now in this aspect. The universe is about to impinge on life here and the certainty of what, or who, or where that is outside this little rock is about to become a known and instead of guessing what alien life might be, it will be a matter of adjusting opinions about that life and gathering the knowledge that is certainly being transmitted, if it exists. I find it very difficult to accept that I/we might be the first to make this leap. Soon, I will know if the Vogons are making an off ramp near here. The interaction with culture that is far advanced is a real mess and doesn't always end well for the ones who are at the bottom of the learning curve.

I always consider whether it would have been possible in some past time, with the same intellectual skill set that I have, to resolve the complete structure. It seems that if I had existed as a scientist in the time of the Pharaohs, I could have resolved this information then. My little play games of pretending to be the Pharaoh's scientist is part of that thought game. There is a natural progression of limiting possibilities and extrapolating which leads me to the conclusion that communication abounds and it is just necessary to devise the mechanism that is employed by a culture which has the final equation. A person really needs that equation to communicate properly. It is like the water and oxygen and hydrogen thing. If I was not aware of the sub structure of matter and atoms, a picture of a molecule would have no meaning to me. This is also true of the structure of the universe. I could give you the fact that 6 is before 7 and this 34 in the sky, but without context it not even steganography, as the solution requires that both parties have a sufficient level of understanding of the topic being considered. I am sure that very few would grasp an analogy that used Cherenkov radiation.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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