Windows Vista is a piece of shit

I will report on the process of deleting Windows from this laptop and what complications ensue. They don't have a lot of applications that they have bought from Microsoft and so I think they will thank me for years to come. Hey, Windows users, get a clue, get Linux!!

Why in the world would I trust somebody to install software that I don't have the source for? If I have personal account information on my computer, all I have to do is run some software from an untrusted or devious source and it can just send it to somebody to misuse it with a few lines of code. I'm not that stupid that I trust anybody that much. It is all about trust and I think that most people wouldn't give me a program that stole from me, but it only takes one.

I got a laptop today from a friend to fix. It has Windows Vista on it. I am a computer designer and software expert and it is my cultured opinion that Windows is the crappiest software I have ever seen. The immediate impression that I get is this : "We own YOU". I am confronted with popups that have one option to click and sub menus with one option to click and then it starts all over again. It is as if the process is designed to irritate the person using it. Having used Kubuntu for several years now, it is like jumping into a lava pit in a swimming suit. The system is so poorly designed that it makes me wonder how stupid people really are, that they would give some wankers trillions of dollars to do this to them.

I am going to install Kubuntu with Vista and I am guessing this is going to be a nightmare. I decided to show the owner of the computer "Firefox" while they were here and to my surprise, Windows blocked the download and install!! Don't tell me that is an accident. It required that I manually initialize the install. The entire thing is very pretty and it would make a good image viewer, but you can buy those at WalMart for a few dollars and there is no hassle as it just sits there and shows a series of pictures.

I have already done some Googling for applications that help with problems in Windows and you would think that Ms would have the answers and they would be the source of all good bits, Noooo, Microsoft has another circular process that essentially says, "You are Screwed, give us more money, and we will screw you some more." The entire thing is so bizarre that it defies comprehension. I write software and there are some key things that you try to do. It must be stable. It must be user friendly. It must do no harm. I must be removable and installable easily. It must serve its purpose and be intuitive. It must have the source so it can be verified not to contain a virus, worm or malicious intent.

Microsoft software does none of these things and yet sells that concept , while good software is provided for free. That is just totally f5d up. I am going to rant until I feel better. I was using the system and all I wanted to do was search for a file and on Kubuntu, I would shell out and do "locate x". In Windows I am confronted with a series of options , none of which solves the problem, or allows me to find the offending file, so I can delete it. Interestingly enough I did Ctl-Alt-Del and popped up the task manager. I deleted all tasks except essential services. To my surprise, a virus protection window popped up after that. So there are tasks running that I cannot stop or delete. How stupid. "ps -alF". I can display and delete any task I want in Linux. It is, after all, my computer and I can choose what I want to use it for. I can see it is going to take hours and hours to deal with the problems in Windows and this has been my experience in the past. I can spend 8 to 16 hours in horrible loops of reinstalling and configuring. I see there is a SP( Service Pack ) available and the indicator says that the computer may be unusable for hours if I install it. I did an update for my Linux a few minutes ago and it ran in the background while I did this. Windows really sucks bugs through a noodle and I bet that the 99% of people who use Windows have no clue that there is a real OS available and it works so smoothly that they will feel bad that they were so naive to have used Windows so long and at such great expense of frustration, dollars and lack of security. I will report what I learn, but what I intend to do is ultimately delete Windows Vista entirely and serve as support for the system. I have done this a few times now and the people who get Linux thank me over and over again. It is just a better system, that is it. It isn't perfect or even pretty sometimes, but it lets the user own their own information, computer, and have control of their own destiny.

Windows sucks, and there is no better way to express it. Any competent engineer has to come to that conclusion. I would defend this opinion in court and win easily by just letting the jury use Vista and Kubuntu side by side. No sane person would choose this Vista software hell over any Linux distro.


Wei-Yee Chan said...

>No sane person would choose this Vista software
>hell over any Linux distro.

Unfortunately, the world is full of insane people.

Paul Mohr said...

The world must have a bunch of crazy people, if there are so many Windows users. My friend didn't even know what Firefox was and when I said he needed to get Linux, he had never heard of it. Luckily this friend trusts me and he said , "Do what you need to do to make the computer safe to use."

Wei-Yee Chan said...

Well, good for you - I'm not that lucky.

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