Infected computer problems

I have searched for references to the program that is on this Vista and what I find is that there are more people who ask you to download and install "another" program that you don't know what it does and install that. What a bright idea. I will look for a program to download, that I don't know what it does, and install it. How silly is that? It would be nice if there were an answer, but what I assume is that it is ALL a scam and that it is a circular scam. Install malware, sell fix, wait a while, reinstall, profit. It depends on how many times the people will go around the maze. If you make the maze complicated enough the mice won't crack wise that they are going around in circles and the one that makes them fear is the one benefiting from curing the fear. What a sweet deal. I wold get in the mal-anti business, but I have some scruples and so I guess I will just keep creating safe open source software, until the mice run across the answer.

It is sad that people are victimized in this way, but what can a person do but say, "Look, you are being used". The only way to stop being used is get Linux, end of story. If people want to be used, what am I to do. It is so odd, because I don't think people are generally this stupid that they could fall for this same scam every year for 30 years, but I must be wrong as they do.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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