Talking to infinities

It seems reasonable to me that with a thousand trillion stars , some of which have existed for 10 billion years before the Earth was formed, that there is something there and it is intelligent beyond our comprehension and it would have a beacon that indicated its presence and it would be obvious to somebody who had the knowledge and methods to extract the message there. I am considering how I would cast such a message if I were in that position, that I might get the message and consider the consequence of it. I will have to think on this a bit. If a creature or culture was able to survive 10 billion years, it would have accumulated a vast knowledge of the universe. It is certainly just conjecture, however I consider it reasonably plausible conjecture and the real test is to determine how an indicator might be fashioned, for whom it might be intended, and how it might be received by its intended audience.

It does change how a person thinks of their place in the universe and when Europeans arrived in the Americas it would have been an analogous situation. The strangeness and perhaps the short sightedness of the indigent population to assume that they were alone in all the universe was a bit naive. I don't make that mistake and I assume that life exists elsewhere and is likely to be far advanced from our perception and its methods would be strange and without parallel in our culture. There are rules that would exist for such a culture or creature to exist because of the rather rugged conditions that one might encounter in a few billion years. Much of life here depends on a strong desire to continue in the face of chaos and it would seem that this would also be true in the larger realm of the universe as a whole.

I finished the puzzle game I was working on and I can generate 200 solved puzzles per second with hints less than 20. It is interesting and I am taking a break from it for a while to consider implementing a game that uses probability chains in three dimensions and is played from the inside. I did learn something interesting about gcc and how it makes links to object interfaces that are poorly defined as externals. It is possible to make linked reference to procedures that cause stack problems in and out. It can also be the source of some really odd random effects.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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