MIT bugsx program

Tonight I am studying an old program created at MIT called bugsx which uses a Fourier method to merge images created in a type of genetic method. I have not taken the source apart yet, but it is composed of 6 "C" files which compile using make after using xmkmf  to generate a Makefile which is invoked with make. I started with sudo apt-get source bugsx, which created a directory and placed the source there. I then did sudo chown -R me:me bugsx-1.08/ so I didn't have to do everything with it as root. I looked at the README and there are several mistakes and I wish I was MOTU, as I would just fix them and be done with it. I do enough of this with sources, that the ./debian setup and install along with all the other things are very familiar.

I hope to learn something about the application of Fourier methods to genetics and some new ideas from the source. I does look very archaic at first glance and it is fairly simple and could easily be ported to Python, and I will consider that or even an export to blender as a template for creatures. It seems a fun thing to do while I contemplate a strange consequence of the most recent analysis of genotype to phenotype studies in neuron arrays. As I understand more things, it gets curiouser and curiouser. I have a feeling that people who are inflexible could easily suffer culture shock from what is now possible.

Windows 7 is a yawn and the release is about as exiting as seeing a new style of corn flakes. What exactly could they sell that they haven't already sold the same thing to everybody in the world at least half a dozen times already. It isn't like bits get stale and you need to recompile them to get fresh bits. I want them to make a new Matrix movie that does the exact same thing as the last one. It just isn't new unless there is something new about it. I suppose there would be any number of people who would buy anything if you told them it was "new and improved". I have a some "new generation" Oxygen and I can let it go for $100 a breath. It comes in a plastic container that explains how smart you are to buy it and it should make you get a warm fuzzy. Just send $100 to and ask for the limited time offer. Act quickly as Windows2010 V8 may be out before you take another breath. Oh shit, I could have had a V8.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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