Einstein and time

This is about Einstein and his theories. If time were a continuum and matter could move in time to a place before its present, it would violate conservation of energy and matter, as the matter would exist in a time where it had previously existed. This is the most compelling evidence that time is not a dimension or continuum. Conservation is not a consideration, it is foundational and if conservation is violated, the universe become indeterminate. Now, we will never be able to resolve the determinant state of the universe, but it must exist, or the harmony that is the observed universe would not exist. Time travel is a great mechanism for cinema and I love time travel movies, however I do postulate that there is no such thing as time. The idea that dark matter and dark energy must be assumed to make the system of theories work seems to dare parsimony, and for me, even reasonable conjecture.

The universe interacts as a complex of infinities and each particle that exists in the universe acts in an infinite way and thus the universe is a factorial of infinities which cannot be resolved by any computational method. It will always be some form of approximation of understanding. Uncertainty is inherent in any system and as you approach the scale of the atom, that uncertainty becomes abundantly clear.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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