Google to the second power

I do hope that Google realizes that they are in the preeminent position to Google themselves and take the best advantage of the information. I would hope they would share that result also. I was working on a method to implement i18n and this came to mind as I was going to use the elvi to get Google to do concept translation for my code. It doesn't really make much sense for i18n to consider words individually. It is concepts that translate and the words just get in the way most of the time.

It seems to me that adopting Windows in the new world of the internet is a bad bet. The primary reason is that it tries to localize and sell information as a subset of all information. i18n is a good example where computation should not be done on an OS that is isolated. It would seem that people who adopt the Windows approach are shooting themselves in the foot. What they are doing is isolating themselves from the wealth of information on the internet to use methods that are local and also subject to temporal limitations.

It is a difficult concept to relate, but if I design a system that uses proprietary methods , then I am constantly required to negotiate only with those who share that common format. It becomes an increasingly smaller circle of users over time as the concept is flawed and causes the failure of those who use that process. The additional cost, delay, confusion, and disruption burdens the companies to the point that they become less competitive. On an even playing field they must eventually lose to their competition. In the US they have shifted the playing field to support Microsoft and thus they are profitable. The cost of that method comes from everybody and has a negative impact on the country and will eventually take the country to a position that is not competitive. If Intel were proactive they would cut the puppet string to Microsoft and save themselves from being dragged down by the oppressive weight of a failed computational concept. What would Microsoft do if Intel undercut them and went directly to the sellers with open source support? It would allow them and AMD to take more profit for innovation. I don't think that Microsoft has a play that would work in that scenario. Windows is a failed concept, but people have a tendency to drag silly things on long after they have lost their utility.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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