Articulated Imagination (AI)

I was looking back at old posts and this image no longer shows up. I wonder why that is, but I have more important things to wonder about so I am going to ignore this riddle. And now it shows up, oh well, I give.

I am working on implementing imagination for the einstein game that I have been fiddling with for some time. In terms of complexity it is e17 and Rubik's is e13. I wanted to see if there were other possible solutions with the hints given. I wanted to know if a set of hints produced a unique answer matrix. I also wanted to make the puzzle 3D and display an associative matrix of how the parts interacted. In an object approach I am removing all the SDL video display and changing it to OpenGL using scaled and related elements. I also intend to implement a second window for hints so that the puzzle is displayed separately from the menu and hints or high scores or help. Application of hints in an Artificial Imagination that displays as an object in OpenGl and the parts of the asscoiation are elements of OpenGl characteristics like rotation, x, y, scaling and brightness (highlight).

I have been using convert ( the Linux image utility ) along with a shell script , grep and sed to make the images conform to OpenGl square images that are factors of 2.

convert -list font | grep Can
./3Dtext -t "こんにちは\n Mohr" -f CanGoods.ttf -p 72 -d northwest ana.png

I was wondering if convert could be made to generate unicode characters and I haven't achieved that yet and I am wondering how this operates. It is a bit confusing as it involves the character sets and how convert and shell handle strings.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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