Neutrino communication with aliens

( Well maybe just submarines first ) Okay, I have to wonder if science is finally catching up to what I already know.ARXIV Neutrino communications and My comment only a year ago.

It seems that technology is catching up to what I know and have known for some time. An interesting thing that I discovered recently is the connection between inertial mass and gravity. Certainly there is no equivalence and once that is understood it leads to some interesting things. I doubt they will have any success verifying the difference between the two without some real "JOOTSING" as Hofstadter called it.

I watched an interesting video from Computer history museum about the black hat history of Silicon Valley and how Stanford was involved in that since WWII and some of the cold war games. The victors get to write the history and what they leave out is more interesting than the fantasy story the victors tell.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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