Twinkle twinkle little neutrino

The galactic internet is buzzing with a new knowledge and it is definitely a sweet concept. Leave it to people who have been around for billions of years to come up with a solution this elegant and simple. They have discovered that taking care of your own planet and living there, while communicating with other life in the universe and sharing information is better than traveling the vast distances of space to live precariously on an incompatible rock. I see that the transfer of biological sequences is like the microcode of the galactic net and it is just intended to bootstrap code new planets.

Personally I want to go to the stars so I can date some of those weird purple women that Captain Kirk discovered. I wonder what might really be found except matter and knowledge? Perhaps what drives the people who seek space with weapons is simply a greater empire and since they will certainly meet races that are vastly more advanced, going into that situation with an attitude is a ticket to the dead zone for them and those who participate.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen