Life goes on

I have been really busy doing a lot of stuff. I have been applying what I have learned from open source education, the internet and just trying to have a positive effect on the world. I am working on a company that delivers open source software for every application that exists and allows people to know about and use the alternatives to costly and irritating closed source programs. I personally think that open source software is a great advantage to the world economy and the loss to those companies, like Microsoft, would be returned ten fold in the gains for every other company. It is my personal opinion that closed source is a parasitic process that restricts business and communications.

On top of that, the proprietary format of information makes it more difficult for people to share information and everybody suffers. I don't expect companies to start sharing research to allow new advances, but is a very good sign that MIT, Harvard, Stanford and other universities are willing to advance the common good through their efforts. It has been a great help to me and as a result, I can return the favor in new inventions and ideas that will further the interests of everyone. It seems a simple thing to me, that if I give away something to everybody in the world, that the gain is multiplied by billions, instead of a few fortunate people who can afford the cost.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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