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I am going to put on a full tinfoil suit and get all my X-files posters to block the Windows OS while I make this post. For one thing, why does Windows deliver an OS that contains a crypto key like conficker and the text label on the key is _NSAKEY. Why would a nation that was worried about spying accept an OS that had that in it? It is also possible to simulate the progression of a virus, but it would take more computation power and connectivity than a typical super computer. Now if I just steal time from every Windows user in the world and use a crypto to integrate it all, I can make a genetically targeted genocidal virus.

That is just a game of infinities and don't take it seriously. On a real note, the concept of virtual PBX, sorting network and the internet is correct. This link at wiki is an example and here is a virtual implementation. If my data from Ip1 is lower than my data from Ip2, I switch the data streams and send them to Ip2' and Ip1' respectively. A software MUX ( multiplexer ). This is a continuous ballistic sort that can be recursive. I do believe that if people do not crack wise and realize that they must network themselves into Golem, then they will be networked into Golem for some individual or country and then they will be Golem the Gozer food. Just my opinion. And remember what Egon says, "Sometimes, you cross the streams."

If you are not a computer professional, having a NSA security key in your computer might make you paranoid, as a professional, it makes me sure that something is being hidden from the user and that is an invasion of privacy, the same as selling toasters with a bug in it that transmits everything you say using an encrypt key.

As a Linux user, there is nothing hidden from me in my computer. I am experienced in computer and software design and I take apart every element of Linux and put it back together all the time. Today I did "sudo apt-get source synaptic" and it is as simple as that. I found that it has a history of packages installed and removed and I wanted to add a button to save that data to migrate to another installation of Debian. I really don't understand how anyone would trust a monopoly to be fair. AT&T is probably not something that makes people think of monopoly, but their power was greater than Ms or Intel in their day. And so where did Unix come from? Was it AT&T Bell labs? I think so.

ADDED: Physics, This link at Wired is very interesting about the photo electric effect and Einstein, strangely, there is one more issue with that situation that is fairly obvious ( to somebody who understands Newtonian relativity ) and has never been commented upon that I have ever read.

ADDED: The oddness with Microsoft is just the latest monopoly and Intel is just as dirty, so it isn't that I have some special hate for Ms, it is monopoly and the excess that damages all people. In the time of AT&T monopoly, they were perhaps worse, considering it was just after WWII and domestic spying should have not been necessary. I do remember taking apart a phone in the 60's and found it very odd that they needed to hide a part of their circuit so thoroughly, that they would encase it in a ceramic. It is called "potting". What this meant is that there could be circuit A or circuit B inside that blob and the consumer would never know. As a result they could deliver "special" phones to people that were to be investigated. During that time, illegal tapping was rampant. National security was the excuse then, as now. I find it very odd that Ms can deliver a "safe" version of Windows to the military and consumers are left to swing in the wind, with few alternatives for the non-technical.


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Automated Intelligence
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