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I grabbed the synaptic package from the Debian repository and as I wanted to use the install logs to duplicate the installation of dev files that I always use after I do a clean install. "" gets that information from '/root/.synaptic/log/*' and so all the information is already exported, so to speak, and I just did not know it was done that way. It seems that could not have been deduced without the code as a guide, unless I assumed it was there in that form. Here is a link to 'glib' at which is effective to help understand some of the library usage.

I gain a little bit of knowledge each time I look through somebody else's code, as their idea of how to achieve a goal may incorporate a method that is new to me. Doing this package source from 'glade' is a bit quicker for someone who is familiar with the interface and does not make the code inscrutable and incorporates multi-language tools in a convenient way.

Synaptic(KDE4) has a feature that allowed search within search which is nice. As packages become more mature, I notice that new key combos, menu items, and more advanced features show up. It seems that it is an interface that is perfect for somebody who loves to learn new and useful things, but it could be irritating to somebody who wants things to always be the same. The rate at which technology changes would seem to guarantee that if we do not learn new things always, we could be obsolete and ineffective in very short order.

I have KDE4 and version 9 on one of my laptops and though there are still some issues, the interface seems more usable now and perhaps it is just familiarity. I have started spending more and more time at console and less at GUI so really it makes less difference how entertaining or distracting the 'point and click GUI long path' to an answer is.


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Automated Intelligence
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