Stranger than fiction

New understandings of the relationships of matter have allowed me to understand what is being represented by certain mathematical relationships like cooper pairs and black holes. The result is the realization that technology could make a giant leap into possibilities when this resolves to be coherent and automatic. It then becomes just a matter of plugging in the conditions and seeing what becomes of it.

It opens a new leaf of the infinity of potential. It is certainly reasonable to assume that soon we will have some devices that would make the "Dr Who, Time Lords" look like script kiddies.

I had a strange dream about black holes and sin(θ)::θ+cos(θ)::θ as θ in radians goes to zero and swimming pool plumbing in basements.

My shell programming, C and programming in general has become automatic as I don't even think about what it means in detail anymore. I look at something on the net and think "I wish I could organize that in a way that it was more usable and easy to understand." and a method comes to mind, I type it and leave the process running, then come back later to reap the rewards.

I know that alien paranoia is a big thing for people, but the problem is that it is not likely they would understand what they see, even if it was right in front of them. Another problem is that people search for aliens, but would likely not be able to even recognize the results. I see many things in the images of the stars that others think is just a collection of dust. There are strange things there and surely more than I will ever comprehend.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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