Schizophrenic Relativity

This is the point I am hoping to merge the idea of locality and non-locality in a consistent framework that resolves some of the topological confusion in the higher dimensions.

The reason for the name of the post is that when I look at an equation represented as the projection of space on an axis, I am seeing the symbolic mathematical system look at the projection of the n-dimensional reality of the materials involved.

There is no reason that a person that has a curiosity about the universe should not find everything they need , somewhere on the web.

If there is an EPR ( Einstein Podolsky Rosen ) bridge, I suspect I may find it here. I doubt it is there, however many things that I have considered impossible have become real and though anecdotal evidence is hardly a good rule it does confirm that I am not always right in my projections of what might be possible. It is always fun to try, anyway.

As complex and difficult as some of the symbols of math and logic can be, it actually suffers from too much overlap in symbols. The context switch from different sciences can be almost a schizophrenic adventure itself. In this case the symbols like partial differential operators mixed with differentials can be as much of a challenge as the science itself. In this case I might suspect that ^ was shorthand for the xor operator at first glance. Obviously they do not program in C or they would have chosen some other symbol. I don't think that using α β and γ instead of a b c adds anything more than making it look more foreign. I have written single line shell scripts that are more complex than the functional interrelationships themselves. If you have done openGL, the name set and the relationship to concepts can be daunting. Well at least they don't do the equations in 'comic sans serif'.

I had a really strange thought as I pondered the concept and realized there is one way that an object could go through a black hole if the structure is as is described. I have my doubts about the specifics of the mechanics of a black hole and its relationship to time and dimension, but that means that I (as well) don't know for sure either.

ADDED: Well, there I go again, I thought of an experiment to do ( if only I had a black hole to play with ) then I realized that if the experiment worked, that the signs of the effect would show up around black holes. Now if only there were some data on black holes that I could look through to check that, oh yeah, its on the web. I have to be comfortable with the math before I analyze the data, but is an intriguing idea that seems to be at least plausible.

ADDED MORE: It appears that there is a relationship that implies that time travel is possible, however the process would never be like the popularized idea of time which means that paradox ensues or that something can derive from nothing. The conservation of energy, momentum, matter, and thus, all consequence are conserved. It does allow for some very unusual conditions that allow things that would seem to be paradoxical, but would not be. If I had a method to travel all over the universe and collect technology from millions of advanced cultures and returned here, I would not need to have a sequence of development or precursor, only that a precursor does exist at some point in space.

The solution to some problems arise by assuming a solution and then working backward. This is not paradoxical and the way I derived GCF in a program is an example of this, as is the derivation of f'(ax)Δx with some methods.

Some of what I achieve is singularity like in that I use the external electronic structure of the world as an extension of my mind. I cannot look through 100 trillion web pages and find something I need, but I can leverage the internet to do that. Between the elvi and my programming methods, I can make an effective filter that solves for a need or piece that extends my solutions. WolframAlpha is, in a way, an attempt to implement this as an object that is easy to use. It is presently limited to mathematic concepts, however they all end in the same place as Δx goes to to zero.

The interaction of all the information available as filtered by reasonable AI becomes something that cannot exist by itself. If the information and method to access that is removed, then I am damaged. In the same way, if I did not provide answers to others, they also would be limited.

There comes a point where people cannot even function without their Google eyes.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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