Who is the real Dr Who?

I started making robots when I was very young and I had a pseudo-autonomous robot that could talk and move around and respond to commands thirty years ago. I know that people who create works of fiction want to get paid for the stories, but what value is the tale of "Romeo and Juliet" when compared with the actuality of living it?

I can now create in blender, modify in my program and deliver to the nano-machines. This was the goal, to take what ever can be imagined and sculptured and make it physical. The second part of this requires a different troubleshooting method, but it is something familiar. The image is a model of K9 with texture, vertex, normals, and shading.

If I dream a starship planet and make it real, would the writers of Star Trek be foolish enough to claim any right to the reality? I think writers and movies are about fantasy and they have no right to interfere with the creation of real things, even if they resemble their fantasies. Everybody can dream and paint images of dreams, but few are they, that can make them real. Blast 'em K9.

The process is very math intensive and the matrix and vector calculation for models and surfaces can be a real pain at times. I do think it helps me to understand and use n-Space topology, however.


jordaenne said...

You have to have a dream first. I mean even one that is removed from a hypothesis you must dream it first.
You are creative along with being a scientist, don't you ever take a creative interpretive leap?

Didn't you have a dream about your robot before creating it?

Doesn't star wars have some truth to it? We are already living in space, hopefully there won't be any star wars however?
Bye for now.
This is funny. The letters for verification are mottr well I don't mean to sound like your motter. ha ha.

If we dream Harry Potter and dream about being invisible then the next step is a metal shield that we can wear that refracts light and we become invisible.

cute robot.

jordaenne said...

oh and this has been created. I am not trying to pretend that I own this. ha ha.

Paul Mohr said...

Well thanks, and I wish that I was the real Dr Who, maybe someday. For now I will be content as just Real. Yes, meta materials are interesting.

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Automated Intelligence
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