The US DoD is full of clowns

I saw a report that the cyber command is worried that Russians or Chinese could control the power network in the US by hacking if we were at war. I may be gullible, but if there is a war between the US and any other nuclear power, the planet is going to be a waste land of EMP destroyed computers, radioactive fallout, and useless slag heaps. I really doubt that makes any difference if they had the master key to the electric company executive wash room if it is all a heap of smoldering rubble.

I know for a fact that the biggest security risk in the US is using Microsoft computers in government applications and they will never get away from that. The Russians and Chinese were smart enough to go with Linux and perhaps that is why they have an advantage? Until the US government can adopt a secure OS, they will never be safe against even random kindergarten children with an etch-a-sketch interface.Using an OS that is designed to sell video games to consumers, for business or government, is just plain silly.


Wei-Yee Chan said...

It's not just the US DoD that's full of clowns.

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Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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