Is it a tree or is it beautiful

Most things that involve people are so complex that they defy complete explanation. From a mathematical perspective it is like a partial differentiation of a curve formula in 10 thousand billion dimensions and a few of the solutions are know for some dimensions and so it might seem that this defines some nature of the whole.

I think that even the simplest topic can have solutions in so many dimensions or sets of dimensions that many topics cannot be discussed without ending in conflicts of perspective. I can sight points of validity in the complex dimensional space of solutions and they might be true in their context, however even an equation of a few dimensions can have points of solution when some of the variables are excluded.

The point I might make is that a Sequoia tree may be beautiful in its appearance, however the tree does not share your enthusiasm.

Even the simplest of multi-dimensional equations can represent an infinite series of true and meaningful results. For instance the equation of a circle, where x2+y2=1 is the equation of a circle with a radius of 1, however the general form x2+y2=z has an infinite number of solutions for z that are all circles.

If I were to write the equation that represents a person's being, it would take an virtually infinite amount of time to even cast the format and when I was done there would be another infinity to deal with and I think that I shall not spend my time attempting to know completely, that which is beyond knowing.

Something that can be done is

which allows you to download videos and there are some great videos on math, science, blender, graphics, art, and millions of other things. You can also get videos from YouTube about almost anything. I will have to see if the elvi ( and AI ) can help me to find the things that have meaning and use for me.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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