A+ or APL or aplus language and Kapl fonts

While studying momentum it is obvious that all things are interdependent and the concept of locality and non-locality and experience and perspective ( or relativity ) merge into a coherent truth function about the universe itself. I am doing some APL and if the internet had existed when I was 7, I think I would have been lost in its maze. Too much information to report, it is there and if you have the inclination you will find it.

I do believe that:

And this link to Terence Tao should prove that assumption.

The realizations are always dawning. I was about to publish this and realized that Kapl fonts is ,DUH, K(APL) and thus fonts specifically for the APL language. The nature of the universe creeps on me, like a hungry lion.

ADDED: I tested the a+ with my x86_64 and got a glibc err, which makes me jump. So:
I looked through Google and found a bug report that said 4.20 had this flaw.
They checked upstream and it was dealt with in 4.22
It isn't in the deb repository yet so I got the tar.gz
Configured and doing a make now , which is fairly lengthy.
If I didn't have problems, life wouldn't be much fun.

ADDED RUNNING: I finished compile and started testing the language. I should learn some things and at least keep my confusion resolution skills at par. It does not install properly and I assume that is why it isn't in the debian repository as 4.22 yet. It is runnable from the compiled executable and the source includes some examples

Sat Apr 11 08:28 AM$ ./aplus A+ Copyright (c) 1990-2008 Morgan Stanley. All rights reserved. This version is Release 4.22

I have a "meta" key desktop image that will help with handling the odd key assignments. I won't be so brave as to do "emacs a+" with an iffy install, as I have seen enough libc faults for the week and they make me jumpy.


I don't believe in time, at least not in the way it is represented scientifically, however, there is a very odd consequence of the conservation of momentum that I am considering and I am also not a proponent of prophetic dreams. I am a bit interested that I had a dream about the ants and their arrival. It came true today, exactly as I dreamed. It is certainly true that many things are yet to be discovered about nature and the interaction of organisms and the world. It could be as simple as recognizing the brood smell of the ants from childhood, or it could be something else. It is a good time, the ants will meet the antfarmgl finally.

Sometimes I wonder if there is not a history written in our atomic structure that is yet to be discovered. There is knowledge that is know by nature, that is yet to be discovered, and I am sure that many unusual relationships will become known when the overall structure is understood.

ADDED: I think it (a+) is a silly language and is unnecessarily cryptic and symbolic in its use. Math is math and any of this is easy enough implemented in any other way with easier to maintain methods. Perhaps it was designed to retain information for the "in" group and as such is bound to rot from lack of innovation and inclusion.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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