Conservation of momentum day

I like to mark all the days of the year with several different things like Newton day, and embryo-genesis day, blender day, and like a good Mad Hatter they are not the same every year.

I am going to solve something that has been bothering me for a while, because it is so pivotal in all things. The integration of or ∫mν or ∑mvδv. It may seem trivial, however it is something that relates to too many unusual effects for me to ignore it. It is very similar to Rubik's cube in a very odd associative method ( which is much of what I am about ) and there are meta properties and meta solutions that are needed to prove some higher level of relationships like gravitational magnetism and some of the things that result from "rich dark chocolate" holes or as most people call them black holes.

The system from matter and field to cosmos is a holistic system to me and the change in any aspect of something cascades to the nature of the universe, so there are serious confining points to its freedom of definition. I think there should be holiday resorts at Lagrangian points as they would be nice and restful from a gravitational perspective.

Since it heats my brain up so much I will probably do some video genesis using convert and animate, and make some stegano images that can be decoded if you have the magic decoder ring ( stegdetect, outguess ). I don't know if these can even be used in windows, they are certainly easy to use in Linux, but IDK.

You know I might even make a steganographic image that includes the secret of how to cancel inertia. I think it will not be straight forward and I may play some Da Vinci , Lewis Carroll, Fermat, Fibonacci, Fourier, and Lissajous games with the data, just to limit the audience. Nah, I probably won't do that one, but something interesting anyway. That one makes me king of space if I ever get there. I'm not big on being king, so maybe unbeatable space pirate.

Something strange I thought of was the fact that many people feel the lure of space pulling them, and I thought that in my case it may the repulsion of the Earth that drives me. I suppose it is a matter of topological perspective and being repulsed by something and being attracted to infinity might be the same thing.

I learned the one defining feature of ants today and it isn't what you would think. It seems they have developed a unique kind of immune system that acts outside the body. I also discovered what calls the axis in the first cell and that was a real revelation, as the generation of that de novo is a real trick.

outguess aliceiw.jpg aliceq100a.jpg -d secret.txt outguess -r aliceq100a.jpg alicem.txt

Now I will test if it keeps the message when uploaded to Google and downloaded. Well it requires some art, but it seems that I can download the image and retrieve the original message. Very interesting indeed. The image is out of copyright and was Lewis Carrol's attempts at illustration that were considered too clumsy, but I think they are very interesting and tell more stories than the published images, considering his mathematical and political proclivities. I see many things, I see plans within plans.

ADDED: Images can contain a lot of information and a 16 bit color image which is 64k ( 64 * 1024) colors has 2 16*width*height bits of information. For an image that is 4 pixels ( or dots ) wide and high, it would contain 4 billion possible states. One which is a normal small image can contain a huge amount more information than a person can interpret or recognize as being different. 216*1000*1000 is just a number that has so many possibilities it is virtually unlimited.

The nature of momentum and how it implies energy with its sum and that relationship to n-space is very interesting. The fact that energy is relative is also interesting as it is not any more absolute than motion. All motion is relative to some other object because motion itself is defined as a change in position and if there is no other object to compare it to, it cannot be said it is not moving as there is nothing to be moving to or away from.

Today I have also been studying C, C++, XNA, openGL, Direct X and how they handle dimensionality, matrix calculations, cross products, arrays, rotation.......


jordaenne said...

Hi there Paul.
What a sweet image. For a while I was labeled as the mad hatter because every time I went out drinking I wore a different hat.

I can relate strongly to your statement that you are attracted to space because you are repelled by the earth and actually I have never considered this idea before but ofcourse when we are attracted to something it must be that we are naturally repelled to other things for rejecting them in the favour of the attraction.

I have sometimes examined myself this way. I am a libra a sky sign and I have been a skywatcher at the valley's edge but my place and I have written a lot of verse on this skywatch and I often make reference in my journal to NASA images and I have examined myself at times and thought well is this escapism?? ha ha and I conclude that I don't notice any conscious thoughts in that direction.

When I contemplate NASA's images I feel my mind expanding to include the entire universe and it may be because we are made of the same stuff that the stars are made of and space was our initial home but it may be also that I like to leave the cares of the earth behind.

WEll thanks for your marvelous post.
It was fun and inspiring to share with you and don't do anything that Alice in Woderland wouldn't do. ha ha


jordaenne said...

So 4 pixels would have 4 billion possible states-wow- does that stem from the fact of the computer having millions of shades of colour.

Paul have I ever given you this address. This is so cool, I havent read it for a while but it is a beautiful mix of poetry and math!!

I think it is a failure but in its failing process it reveals truth and helps us unwind our thoughts.

Paul Mohr said...

I will check that out.

jordaenne said...

hey Paul. I tried one of those mathematical equation poems. come have a look in my graphics journal.

DO try one! you would be wonderful at it.

jordaenne said...

by the way I love this idea of naming each day.
For me this is mathematical poetry day.

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Automated Intelligence
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