Matrix of my stupidity

Generated with the LaTex:

\underbrace {\mathbf{X} = \begin{bmatrix}
\frac{2 n}{r-l} & 0 & \frac{r+l}{r-l} & 0 
\\ 0 & \frac{2 n}{t-b} & \frac{t+b}{t-b} & 0 
\\ 0 & 0 & \frac{-(f+n)}{f-n} & \frac{-2fn}{f-n} 
\\ 0 & 0 & -1 & 0 \end{bmatrix}} 
_{If(and-only-If)\rightarrowtail l\neq r,t\neq b,n\neq f}

    I was doing some compiling and code development today. The above matrix equation might seem simple to some like Brian Paul but it can be difficult at times. I learned some new things about file formats and the command "readelf" which is fairly versatile. I spent about two hours in confusion hell trying to understand why a particular external did not show up in my linked libraries. Usually it makes me feel better to finally understand these things, but when it takes that long to resolve, I just feel tired. It all stemmed from a single line of code that is below.

XTestFakeKeyEvent(dpy, KEYCODE_ALT_LEFT, KEY_DOWN, CurrentTime);

I also learned the model ".obj" format well enough to edit it by hand. I found some very neat demos with glm. Something else I learned was a trick to understanding solid shadows, which is much like looking at the world from the perspective of the light and marking everything it "sees" as visible. Another thing by Da Vici on light was entertaining as he studied how reflected light from surfaces could make areas that would seem to be dark "logically" were actually brighter than a directly illuminated object.

I also did some study of wave mechanics and discovered a very interesting fact about waves ( and how it applies to matter, momentum and energy). I also did some geometry on pyramids and area that was designed to deal with the integration and surface in new ways.

I suppose I can take some joy in the fact that if I were to compare my understanding to what I could easily deal with at 17, it would be the difference between a stone and an eagle. Understanding does not come as easy or quickly as I would have imagined at 17. I seriously thought that if I applied myself for a couple years that I would have a perfect grasp of all science. How silly is the youth and the old man, both.

I also did some study of natural language processing and AI systems.Related to that is the creation of a system that can actually create "theories" of how the universe works from data at Wired. There are many people who talk about singularity or the advance of machine intelligence in a detached way, but it has been my opinion, and remains so, that the actuality of a machine that is vastly more intelligent than a person is going to be a really depressing thing for a lot of scientists.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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