Complex automatic demo video tutorials

This is a link to the image at ImageMagick scripts using the "shapemorph" script to generate an animated .gif

A very interesting site that I happened into is this script page for ImageMagick scripts . And here is a link for ImageMagick.The Linux utility "convert" is available through the repository.

My goal to finish tonight is automated scripting of the entire system using "Xtst" extensions which allow me to simulate keys and mouse movements. In addition I am using "espeak" which speaks text as phonemes. I am also using utilities inside the program to generate frames, capture them from the frame buffer, and create images that will be collected into a video using "convert".

The result is a complete tutorial that can operate "blender", "gimp", run scripts, operate my program and finally create itself as an ogg, mpeg or avi video file. In the process I can mix the .wav files from "espeak".

I am not sure where this leads, however I think it reaches the point where the program designs itself and then demonstrates how the results are achieved. These same effects can be exemplified with matrix computations and the LaTex equations can automatically be generated to display as part of the demo video along with internally generated openGL methods to show n-space transforms, and various graphs and set effects to illustrate the physical generation of matter structure.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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