Manimal Farm, Hammurabi redux

Just something to write while I was thinking about the Σcos(2*Π*rad) and rate of change and relationship of dimensions defined circularly. I do believe it is possible to have a bot net in a tree that could act like a binary decision tree that would approach Turing as a goal.

Year 1: I have decided to help everybody to be safe from Gamma γ ray bursts. In order to do that I need 10% of everybody's income to support the γ Ray Institute. It is voluntary and so please help us to make you free!

Year 2: Some people are not paying their fair share of γ protection and so we need 10% of your income to create an agency that forces these rotten slackers to pay their fair share of γ protection.

Year 3: We need another 10% of your income to pay for cost over-runs in γ Protection Agency. This is just a tax of 10 cents on a dollar and so who will miss 10 cents ( a stupid simple dime ) and the gain is safety of your children from γ ray bursts.

Year 4: The evil anti-γΓ terrorists are trying to create Γ to kill our children and babies. We must have another dime to pay for the soldiers to hunt these anti-anti-Gammers and kill them before they destroy us all. We have decided to be more fair and reduce the original γ tax from 10% per year to 1% per month. We will now just take 4% (total) per month to reduce the tax. This is like 4 pennies on a dollar and who could refuse that, when the result of not doing so is the dead babies. None of us want to think about that.

Year 5: A γ related disease may kill our babies and we need 2 pennies per month to head off the disaster.

Year 6: The γ disease has killed half the population and we all have to work together to save the babies and so we need just 2 more pennies from you. The γ collection agency is doing well and we have executed hundreds of those slackers that refuse to help saving the babies, The anti-anti-Gammers soldiers discovered these tax slackers while searching for terrorists by kicking in the doors of suspected terrorists at random. This is a new program for information sharing that should help both agencies. In addition it is necessary to prevent this horrible tragedy from happening in the future. It is assumed that if the terrorist hunters see a lot of money in a house when they kick the door in, that they must be saving that money up to buy Γ weapons to kill babies. We need a single penny more for this. Some people are complaining about the effort needed to keep our babies safe and it is a hard task, but if after giving just 9 pennies ( which is a paltry 9% per month) of everything you earn to us, we will establish a camp for those who can't stand the strain. There will be good clean dirt floors and free shovels for all. There will be organized work groups for fun and exercise.

Year 7: The Γ Ray Creation Institute ( as it was renamed) or the GRCI has developed a method to create a Γ ray burst that will kill everybody if the anti-Γ forces look like they will be victorious. I will be a hollow victory for these baby haters and we all will die in the burst of freedom from our massive Γ bursts. All hail Γ and our king. Death will finally make you good, is our motto.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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