Invention and revolution

I have been studying the physics of transportation with a few facts that others don't presently have at their disposal and discovered something very odd. It was purely an accident as I was thinking about two things at the same time and they got mixed up ( which is one of the wonderful and stupid things that a mind will do ).

I can't be absolutely sure till I test it, however I am reasonably sure it will work. The result is that cars would become completely obsolete and stupid. Now this is where the tinfoil hat scenario comes into play. If there were no more cars and people could go from place to place at about an equivalent of 300mpg ( without roads ), the oil usage would plummet and the environmental effect would be positive. I wonder what effect it would have on the oil producing countries and even war.

This is how I think. I have an idea and before I actually do anything with it, I consider the consequence. I know there are many myths of phony schemes to sell "cow magnet carburetors" and "converting water to gas" and dozens of others. I don't think about selling things, I simply consider what use it would have for me and then what effect it might have if the ideas get away.

I think this one will stay a personal secret ( like inertial canceling ) if I can prove it is true, I will only use it if it is needed and nobody is around. It certainly is odd, but violates no laws of conservation. It requires energy, it just doesn't use any where near as much. It is certainly the way cars should have been designed from the start, but there really is no natural model for it. I would say that 99% of all invention is just poor mimicry of something seen in nature. ( patent theft from nature )

I see that some UK researchers have created a system that goes one step beyond and thinks about creating solutions and is not an automaton. Like the second integral of programmed thought. That is going to have some very odd effects on people in general once it becomes common place. The biggest problem might be understanding what it is saying. It is very difficult to grasp concepts created by people more experienced or more intelligent. I find this all the time when studying other people's code.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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