Blender Python script .obj analysis

This is a link to Python scripts at and today I am doing a complete run through of automatic creation of an object using "XFakeKey"/"XFakeMouse", automated ImageMagick, my "C" program, Python export and import .obj file format, a model viewer, an openGL frame capture module, a 2D image to 3D model conversion, the "elvi" ,

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Because it suits my fancy.

I have already covered the other topics and when I am through I will relate what problems I had and the key features of using Python, Monty with blender and how I modified the Python code to make some changes I wanted in the wavefront obj format output that deals with vertex sets and properties as well as speedup methods that can be done with triangle strips and compiling code for the GPU through openGL.

ADDED: Other references updated as fit:
Wikipedia obj file reference.
Simple text file description of the format in detail.
The Python import/export code is 1269 lines and easy to read.
There are a few things that are new to me, looking at the detail. The script has some parts for openGL menus, which should be applicable elsewhere.

ADDED: Study is going well and the Python scripting is easy, but I am getting tangled up in the math and concepts of NURBS, surfaces, vectors, normals, vertex normals, FOV, grouping, colors, gradients, textures, shadows, animation, and most everything that blender does with "things". When I have finished with the Python aspect of this I will detail how that is used ( like press 'x' and left click .... ) and the problems-solutions that arose in the process.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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